After Christmas Cleaning Tips

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Christmas has come and gone and with this the time of cleaning up the mess we left on those festive days. While every person has a different way to organise the after Christmas cleaning, here are some essential tasks that will help you leave your home clean and tidy in no time:

Christmas cleaning tipsTask 1.-

Organise the Christmas decorations and the tree. Don’t just toss them all in a big box and pray that next year they will be ready to use. It will be better to sort them out by colour/shape and keep them in clear plastic boxes, so you can see straight away what is inside.

Task 2.-

Hover your floors. Seeing a floor clean of paper or glitter will give you extra energy to continue cleaning!

Task 3.-

Clean the kitchen, most probably the room that has been used the most during Christmas. It will need a good turn around. Remember to start at the top and finish at the bottom.

Task 4.-

Don’t forget the oven! Most probably it’s still smelling of turkey and roast potatoes, so a good scrubbing will make it ready to use again.

Task 5.-

Clean bathroom/toilet. If you have been one of the “lucky” people to have guests at your home, then this is a must. Again, the same as with the kitchen: top to bottom.

Task 6.-

Do the laundry. Most probably you will have 3, 4,5 loads waiting on the basket already, so it is not something we can ignore.

Task 7.-

Instruct your children (if any). Children can help you in sorting out decorations, laundry, cleaning their rooms…

Create mini-goals, this way you won’t get overwhelmed by the whole process. A little at a time and sooner than later you will be enjoying your “new house”!


Francesca · 08/01/2019 at 6:04 pm

This was brilliant! Cleaning your oven is such a great tip, especially because the oven gets used extensively over Christmas. Thanks for sharing and a happy new year!

That's Cleaning · 08/01/2019 at 7:49 pm

You’re very welcome.!
Happy New Year!

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