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Bristol, Bath, Newport, Cardiff & Swansea

The disinfecting process allows for a space to be subjected to an application that converts specialist disinfectant liquids into micro-fine droplets, disinfecting a greater surface area and improving the protection to those within.

Fogging is one of the best of its kind for disinfecting, odour control, disease control, prevention and treatment. Perfect for use to penetrate hard to reach cracks and crevices and soft furnishings where bacteria growth can rapidly occur. It allows for large spaces to be treated in moments using airflow to maximise exposure. Spaces need to be vacated for just over an hour and with no residual smell, treatment can be managed to minimise disruption. Treatment is swift, keeping costs to a minimum as the application time is relatively short.


Fogging Services Bristol

Decontamination Fogging can be used for almost any solid surface cleaning task and cleaning regimes to maximise hygiene disinfection standards and total cleanliness.

COVID19 is one of the most noteworthy news stories ongoing now since it is having such a huge global effect. The speed that the virus is moving globally is concerning for all involved, especially those who have recently travelled or are planning to do so.

That's Cleaning offers disinfection options through a variety of disinfectants to reduce the risk to occupants of spaces from a small room to a whole office, classroom, shop, or public building in Bristol, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea & Sheffield.

The disinfection procedures used are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England and advice should be taken from the Chief Medical Officer of England.

Fog deodorising and disinfecting is a unique form of sanitizing and deodorising that totally eliminates all foul odours including tobacco, smoke, milk/food spills, urine, vomit, mould, mildew, pet smells etc. Plus, at the same time, our Fog special agents attack and destroy all germs, bacteria, viruses and spores in its path replacing them with long-lasting freshness and leaving you with a much cleaner, safer environment.


Fogging Services Bristol

We provide disinfection of the most frequently touched points as part of our daily routine in all contracts in which we provide services.

What touch-points would be cleaned?

The frequently touched surfaces within your premises are likely to include the following:

  • ​​Desktops and work surfaces
  • Doorknobs, doorplates & handles
  • Light switches
  • Computer keyboards & Mouse
  • Telephone equipment
  • Chairs
  • Canteen furniture
  • Sinks and kitchens
  • Toilets (Taps, flushers, dispensers)
  • Water fountains
  • Vending machines
  • Tablets and digital devices
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Handrails.
Why Choose That's Cleaning?


Bristol, Bath, Newport, Cardiff & Swansea

That's Cleaning provides effective antiviral fogging services and infection control in Bristol, Bath, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea. Our fogging services prevents the build up of pathogens even after it has been applied, so it does have a residual effect.

The treatment kills all:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Dust mites
  • Mildew, fungi & moulds

Once you have contacted us and we have gathered all the necessary information we need, we will issue you a quotation for your premises. When you choose to undergo the fogging we will then begin to communicate further to set a suitable date for our specialists to come in and fog the space.

We will check with you to set a suitable date for the fogging treatment to take place. Although the fog itself is actually harmless to humans, we insist that our clients leave their premises for the duration of the fogging, which is entirely dependent on the size of the area being treated.

Our fogging specialists will arrive at your premises and begin preparation. Once they are ready to fog, they will ask you and your staff to please leave the premises for the duration of the treatment. This is to ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible, killing all pathogens, viruses and bacteria on every surface it comes into contact with.

Fogging Services Bristol

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