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Restroom cleaning can be complicated in fitness clubs. For customer health, cleaning systems must remove soils from toilets, sinks, stalls, and floors while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. We remove soils instead of dragging them from room to room with mops and rags. This system increases the cleanliness level in every room, making it safer for your customers and your employees.


Spray-and-vac cleaning systems do double duty in health club locker rooms and showers. Since locker rooms don't always have sinks in the changing area, members often get changed straight from the exercise room, touching the lockers with their hands. Our cleaners pass through the locker areas several times per day to remove the germs from these surfaces.

Shower floors, handles, and curtains are another set of challenges. Though members emerge from the showers clean, everything they touch going into the shower has the potential to spread illness. Our system is also effective in getting these shower areas spotless.

Though keeping a gym clean may seem like a tall order, having a thorough checklist can help you tackle fitness club cleaning efficiently.



The toughest challenge in a gym may be cleaning exercise equipment and weights throughout the day. Though most health clubs ask members to wipe down each machine after use, it doesn't always happen and it's unrealistic when the exercise area is particularly busy.

To avoid bacteria transfer throughout the day, our staff will make regular cleanings of touchpoints like free weights, treadmill controls, and machine handles and handlebars so, let us do the hard job!

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